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Name:Isabel Evans
Birthdate:Oct 25, 1982
Location:Roswell, New Mexico, United States of America

Name : Isabel "Izzie" Evans
Age : 20
Height : 5'9
Weight : 130 lbs.
Hair : Blond
Eyes : Brown
PB : Katherine Heigl

**** PROFILE INFO *****

Once upon a time, her life was complicated and then it got so much worse.

Isabel Amanda Evans (formally Ramirez) crashed to Earth in 1947 just outside of Roswell, NM. A human-alien hybrid, Isabel, her brother Max, and her best friend Michael finally emerged from their ship in 1989 looking like six year-old children. The kids wandered the desert until they were found. Max and Isabel went home with the Evans while Michael remained in the system. The three were very close and, even at a young age, very self aware. They made a pact to never reveal the secret of what they were, not even to their adoptive parent, until Max broke that promise by saving Liz's life.

Throughout high school, each played their role, and Isabel chose that of the untouchable ice queen. Her friends were disposable, as were the boys that she dated, but it did allow her to hide in plain sight. Over the years, Liz and her crew (especially Isabel's ex Alex) chipped away at that frosty facade revealing a remarkably sensitive core. Her whole world shattered when her first love, Alex, died unexpectantly. She chopped off her hair, distanced herself from the others (and anything alien), and dated, then married the much older Jesse Ramirez, a partner at her father's law firm. However, no matter how hard she ran from her alien past, it always caught up to her. In fact, on her honeymoon, she came face to face with it.

Before Isabel was Isabel, she was an alien named Vilandra and she was in love with a rebel named Kivar who was at war with her brother, King Zan. Convincing her that he wanted peace, Kivar talks the princess into getting him inside the palace for an audience with the king. As soon as he was in, he threw open the gates for thousands of rebels to slaughter the royal family. Though it was Kivar who killed Vilandra. He was going to save her and make her his queen but when he went for the king's second and Vilandra's reluctant fiance, Rath, she took the hit sacrificing herself. It didn't save Rath. In fact, his death was more brutal with the mourning Kivar. The rebel king didn't know that as a fail safe, King Zan, his queen, his sister, and his second in command had been saved in the form of human-alien hybrids escaping to Earth until a time when they could return and save their people. Of course, that's not exactly how it worked out.

The only hybrid with any interest in going home was Tess (formally Queen Ava) and after the others found out that she was behind the death of Alex, the others wanted nothing to do with her or their home. When Tess returned to Earth with Max's baby and trail of dead human government employees, the pod squad has no choice but run.

They ran the whole summer. Max and Liz were married. Isabel eventually got divorced. Michael and Liz's best friend, Maria, broke up and got back together at least half a dozen times. Then in Seattle, they met Larik. Not a human he was speaking through, but the real Larik who promised to help them get off the UNIT's radar if they promised to return to Antar and save their people, even if they chose not to rule. They were coming up with a plan to delete all evidence of them in the government's database when they discovered that Tess was still alive. Larik, who grew very close to Tess during her pregnancy, insisted they save her but the mission failed and Isabel, Michael, and Kyle were captured.

Isabel's time in captivity was a blur. She was poked, prodded, drugged, brought to the edge of death, then allowed to heal so they could start the process all over again. Isabel never found out if the explosion was the others attempting another rescue. As soon as the walls were down, Isabel ran. Only the world outside was not the world she remembered. Not only were eleven years just gone and aliens a broadly accepted truth but so were superheroes, angels, demons, demi-gods, talking animals, time travelers and all manner of other creatures that only existed in fiction before.

[This account is for fun not profit. Both character and writer are over 18.]

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ash, astrology, beth orton, beverly hills 90210, dido, franny & zooey by j.d. salinger, garbage, it's a wonderful life, ivy, miracle on 34th street, musiq, saving ferris, sebadoh, tarsha vega, volunteering for charities
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